Alatone Plastics Incorporated is going to CefBex 2019

Introduced in 2008 as the regional leg of the iconic MAFBEX in Manila, the Cebu Food and Beverage Expo (CEFBEX) is the region’s biggest and tastiest gastronomic event. From the latest food trends and culinary breakthroughs to the most impressive new technologies, services, and equipment in the F&B and hospitality industries, CEFBEX is a gateway to the glocal F&B market.

Last year, CEFBEX hosted 130 booths and 100 exhibitors which in turn solicited a 96.4% satisfaction rating from its visitors. Meanwhile, the diverse foot traffic that managed to gain led to an 82% satisfaction rating from its exhibitors. As the region’s culinary and hospitality industry continues to grow, CEFBEX boldly takes on the mission of elevating its quality and standards, one tasty and high-grade food show at a time.